Sunday, 16 June 2013

Review: Sever by Lauren DeStefano

Title: Sever
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Publisher: Harper Voyager  
Release Date: 14th February 2013
Format: Paperback (320 pages)
Series: The Chemical Garden Trilogy 

Synopsis from Goodreads:
With the clock ticking until the virus takes its toll, Rhine is desperate for answers. After enduring Vaughn’s worst, Rhine finds an unlikely ally in his brother, an eccentric inventor named Reed. She takes refuge in his dilapidated house, though the people she left behind refuse to stay in the past. While Gabriel haunts Rhine’s memories, Cecily is determined to be at Rhine’s side, even if Linden’s feelings are still caught between them.

Meanwhile, Rowan’s growing involvement in an underground resistance compels Rhine to reach him before he does something that cannot be undone. But what she discovers along the way has alarming implications for her future—and about the past her parents never had the chance to explain.

In this breathtaking conclusion to Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden trilogy, everything Rhine knows to be true will be irrevocably shattered.

If you thought FEVER was bad, prepare to meet it's maker. SEVER by far has to be the worst conclusion to any book series I have ever read. There aren't enough offensive words in the english vocabulary to describe just how much I loathe Rhine. She is definitely one of the worst female protagonist's in YA and let's be honest the women of YA aren't that cracking. WITHER, at least the first half was an interesting book with a strong premise but it ultimately fell flat. I read FEVER purely out of curiosity as to where DeStefano would take the story and all I read was a load of nonsense, that was purposeful for SEVER but was still dull to read. SEVER is not worth your time or money, only read if you're willing to waste precious hours of your life. 

I didn't truly despise the series as whole otherwise I wouldn't have read on and I'm not slating it (well, maybe a little.) Lauren DeStefano is a talented writer with interesting prose that at times can be engaging and beautiful it's her actual story and ideas that let this series down. If she had taken the series in a different direction it could have been phenomenal but unfortunately we're left with this ... mess. Overall I really regret reading this series and wouldn't recommend it.  

1 Star

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Review: What Happens Next - Colleen Clayton

Author: Colleen Clayton

Publisher: Poppy
Release Date: 9th October 2012
Format: Hardback
Rating: 5 stars. (6 if I could)


Before the ski trip, sixteen-year-old Cassidy “Sid” Murphy was a cheerleader (at the bottom of the pyramid, but still...), a straight-A student, and a member of a solid trio of best friends. When she ends up on a ski lift next to handsome local college boy, Dax Windsor, she’s thrilled; but Dax takes everything from Sid—including a lock of her perfect red curls—and she can’t remember any of it.

Back home and unable to relate to her old friends, Sid drops her college prep classes and takes up residence in the A/V room with only Corey “The Living Stoner” Livingston for company. But as she gets to know Corey (slacker, baker, total dreamboat), Sid finds someone who truly makes her happy. Now, if she can just shake the nightmares and those few extra pounds, everything will be perfect... or so she thinks. (via


I just want to stand on the roof and scream to the heavens about how much I LOVED this book.  Never before have I been left feeling quite as blown away, heartbroken and uplifted all at the same time. Colleen Clayton has managed to write a brilliantly and heartfelt book about one of the most terrible things that can happen to a person.
It was so easy to fall head over heels in love with the characters and they’re stories- that were so well written and really reached out and left a long term impression on me. It’s not an easy book to read, the emotions are so raw and powerful and so realistic because these things could quite easily happen to anyone. But despite that, the book is also about learning to trust again and finding love and light in the most unexpected of times. You really get sucked into the book and the impression it left on me will last for a very long time. As much as it is heartbreaking and achingly real- I cannot stress how BEAUTIFUL the book also is. For anyone who has been through difficult and traumatising situation I hope you find this book and let it be a beacon of hope.  But for anyone else, I also urge you to read it because it’s a real hidden jem. Witty, poignant and toughing, What Happens Next is a beautiful book that has left a mark on my heart and will stay with me forever.

 K x