Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: Light by Michael Grant

Title: Light
Author: Michael Grant
Publisher: Egmont UK 
Release Date: 28th March 2013
Format: Hardback
Series: The Gone Series #6

Synopsis from Goodreads:

It’s been more than a year since every person over the age of fifteen disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach, California. In that time, countless battles have been fought: Battles against hunger and lies and plagues and worse, battles of good against evil, and kid against kid. Allegiances have been won, lost, betrayed, and won again; ideologies have been shattered and created anew, and the kids of the FAYZ have begun to believe that their new society is the only life they’ll ever know. But now that the Darkness has found a way to be reborn, the tenuous existence they‘ve established is likely to be shattered for good. Will the kids of Perdido Beach even survive?

WARNING! - I will go on quite a bit about how much I love this series and it may be slightly spolierific. Don't say I didn't warn you!  

When I first picked up LIGHT I wasn’t going to read it. I mean yes, okay, I’d been counting down the days until it’s release, going into Waterstone’s everyday to see if they’d released it early and then in a panic that they would sell out reserved a copy and even when I brought it home and placed it next to it’s siblings on my bookshelf, I was still determined that I wasn’t going to read it, not yet. Because I had so many other books to read, other books that we too the last in a series, series that needed finishing before The FAYZ did. And you know other things that needed to be done, like eating, eating’s important. And sleeping, sleeping’s good too. But it called at me, it would stare at me on my bookshelf and beg to be read. But I would stand strong, because it wasn’t time. I wasn’t ready. If I read it then it would all be over and I couldn’t handle that.

I wasn’t one of those people who first read this back when it was first released in 2008, I actually first picked up GONE just last year in November and I fell in love. It was a kind of love that just grew stronger and stronger as the pages turned. I had found one of my favourite series’ and authors in the world. I read the first five books in 2 months and then I had the anxious wait for LIGHT to be released. Then before I knew it March 28th had arrived and I had LIGHT in my hands. I tried, lord know I tried to wait it out, but it was killing me, I HAD to know what would happen to my beloved friends (and foes). So unable to sleep and just after midnight I peeled it open and devoured it hole in no more than 10 hours. 

And oh my goodness, it was definitely worth the wait. I was gripped, from the beginning, glued to the spot, with action at every turn and so many characters lives at stake I couldn’t turn away. Grant lives up to his true form by being ruthless in his killing spree. The amount of deaths in this book is unbelievably disturbing, but no unrealistic as, after all, this is the FAYZ. There are going to be a lot of deaths that shock you as you don’t see it coming and I often gasped as a character’s time in the FAYZ was abruptly ended but I kept on going, no time for tears when you still have half a book to finish. Even when one of my favourite character’s was killed I still didn’t cry. I kept going, right up to the end and then it was done, over, the last line had been read, the story was complete, I was now free to leave the FAYZ. I didn’t know how I was going to feel when I finally finished but what I ended up feeling was empty, like something was taken from me and I couldn’t get it back. Grief? Probably. One of my favourite book series in such a long time was over, for good. No movies or television show, no sequel/prequel series, not even a graphic novel. It was done and I had nothing. Nothing but this empty feeling. And I sat like that for quite some time, contemplating and then I burst into tears. Full blown hysterical meltdown kind of tears. IT WAS OVER!!! I had nothing, nothing left. SO MANY PEOPLE DIED!!! I couldn’t cope. I was a wreck crying in the corner of my bed because I obviously have mental health issues. 

LIGHT is a must read. The entire GONE series is a must read. Go to your local store or online and buy all six books immediately. That’s an order! 

Rating: 5 Stars 

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